Roxio stopped working... conflicting with CloneDVD?

Hi All,

I’ve been using Roxio Creator Classic (easy cd and dvd creator 6) to burn data discs and mp3 discs… and CloneDVD 2 (along with AnyDVD) to copy/burn movies.

Both programs had been working flawlessly until one day Roxio decided to stop burning… the program loads up normally, i select all the files i want and it pops up the progress screen during burning… it never leaves 0% and never burns my discs now.

Is this some sort of conflict with CloneDVD?

Some relevant info…

  1. I’m running Windows XP (home)
  2. I have 2 seperate DVD/CD burning Roms
  3. Roxio no longer burns to either of them on dvd-r or cd-r…
  4. I also have dvd decryptor and dvd shrink
  5. I’ve tried reinstalling roxio…

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? I have 150 GB’s of files I need to get onto discs and this is driving me crazy :a

If everything was fine until… one day… there is no conflict between Clone DVD and Roxio! I used Roxio with many DVD soft and it works ok. Try to use another burning software to burn your 150 GB’s data and maybe later install a fresh Windows XP because there’s a bug somewhere

I agree that there should be no conflict between Roxio & CloneDVD as I’ve run this combo , along with Nero , Shrink et al for a long time with no probs at all.

I’d consider an update of Roxio to 7 or 7.5 (no further) rather than 6.

Also when you re-installed did you remove it first & then run RoxiZap (think that’s what it’s called ) to remove all traces?

A free alternative that might get you over this difficult period is CDBurnerXP Pro, found here .

Do you have DVDFab Decrypter installed on your computer. I am having a similar problem and I suspect this could be the problem.