Roxio Software...trying To Download Projects To Cd...not Working

I’m Working On A Dell Computer. I Have Roxio Videowave Software On My Computer…when I Try To Burn What I Create With That Software Onto A Cd…it Does Not Work.

Is It That I Should Have A Certain Kind Of Cd (not Cd-r Or Dvd-r, Etc)…

it’s Become Very Frustrating As I Have Created Videos That I Would Like To Download To A Dvd Cd…TO PLAY ON A DVD PLAYER …but Cannot To Do It.


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I’m a little confused - are you trying to write to a CD-R, DVD-R, or DVD+R?

Are you getting any errors? If so, what do they say?

What version of Roxio are you using?

i’M using roxio easy media creator home 2…i wanted to create a project that would allow me to burn to a CD that i could forward on to someone to be able to play in either their DVD player or computer as a DVD…everytime i put a CD in (i’ve tried CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R type CDs) and none of them have worked…when it comes time to burn.

Roxio has versions like 7.0 , 7.5 etc. Videowave should show it at the top left or you might need to click on “Help” and “About”. Mine says Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 (Build So we need to know that precise version as things have changed for Roxio over the last year or so.

And can you say precisely what hasn’t worked please.

it’s version 7. i create my clips with music. then in file menu…i try to BURN PRODUCTION TO DISC…and the CD in my drive never seems to be the correct one. i’ve also tried downloaded the file i created for emailing…but the files are way to big to email. even if i compress it before sending. takes forever to download. so i decided i need to simply download the productions to a CD…but that CD product seems to be the problem.

OK I’m having a try with mine, I’ll see what happens & be back later.

Edit: Maybe not. My VideoWave to DVD Builder crashes so I think I’m out of luck. Well not me exactly but this limits my ability to help at the moment.

ok…well thank you anyway…if something comes up…let me know…just is strange not to be able to simply transfer what is created to DVD builder and then burn it easily. it’s all based on the CD product i think…but i’ve tried CD-R - DVD-R and DVD+R with no luck.
let me know if you find out something…


just a stupid question: are there any help files or even documentation with your software?
Please also check as there are some tutorials available that may be helpful.


Hi there,

This might be of some help.

I use sony vegas for my movie making stuff. I then have to render it into a suitable formatt. Then I have to use converter program to turn it into an avi file (imtoo converter) then I use imtoo dvd creator to create a dvd. Work like a charm, every time!

Ok I know it sounds like a long process but it works.

Hope it helps

Try uninstalling the “Drag to disc” feature of the Roxio software. (Just use ‘add/remove’ software in your contol panel). I’ve had a very similar experience making CDs & DVDs. It seemed that the “Drag to Disc” feature from Roxio totally negated any standard Windows burning functionality. Now that I have uninstalled “Drag to Disc”, all burning software I have works just fine now; i.e: Roxio, Windows, ImToo, 1-Click, ImageBurn, whatever.
(P.S.: be sure to edit your registry to pull out the crap that doesn’t need to be there. ONLY IF YOU HAVE REGISTRY EDITING EXPERIENCE! OTHERWISE, YOU MIGHT CRASH YOUR COMPUTER.)

By the way, I have a Dell, too. (Dimension 9100)

Thank you, that worked for recording on a CD-R. I was able to successfully burn my project (fijnally!) onto a CD. However, it is not allowing me to create a DVD via DVD Builder.

I have tried using the DVD-R and the DVD+R CDs…but not quite sure why either one will not work for me??

Any thoughts. Maybe it’s a Dell thing?

Much appreciated!

DEFINATELY NOT Dell thing. (I love my Dell Dimension 9100)

My sugestion is getting Roxio 9 CHEAPLY. This site is a Russian site that I got from one of my instructors at ITT-TECH Institute. I buy a BUNCH of software from here with NO problems. I even got Windows XP Pro from here (until Windows had the Genuine Advantage thing going on. I had to get a certified copy then.)

Anyhow, I bought Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 and had no problems. I was even able to register it. Them Russians got some stuff for you! :slight_smile: Check out this site. IT’S GOOD! (home page) then for Roxio’s stuff

I questioned this site for a while, but then thought about it, thinking, “If this site was illegal, then SURELY Microsoft would have CRUSHED them years ago, and my college instructor wouldn’t have directed the class here either. So I guess it’s okay.” AND have been using them ever since my first purchase.

Hope this helps!

P.S. Drag to Disc is ALSO in this version of Easy Media Creator. So, I’ve had to uninstall it from this , too. DVD creation is VERY easy with this software!