Roxio software problems

i am having some trouble. first of all i got the new Roxio easy cd creator 5 software and it said my drive was not supported…so i downloaded the fix for it at the Roxio website. Then when i went to install it, it said No valid Roxio product could be found. Installation aborted. -or something along those line. does anyone know how to fix that problem?

If i were u i’d get rid of it,stick with CCD and Nero u wont have any probs then.
It seems this is a common problem with easy cd creator and all roxio software,it dont like CCD.:eek:

cool…thanks. i think i’m gonna try the demo of nero.

I think it is better to try the search function for nero related stuff. You will find some nice and very usefull links in some threads (mayby you will find a site of a moderator of cdfreaks :wink: )