Roxio Sale

For those that like Roxio, they are having a sale on thier web-site for a lot of thier downloadable software; 30 - 70 percent off.

Today and tomorrow only.

Personnaly I like Nero much better.



I gave up on them a long time ago.

I used to swear by them, but now I can’t stand using their bloated stuff.

I like Nero Burning ROM but they can have the rest of that junk they bundle in there.

However, thanks for posting the info. There are probably a bunch of folks who might like to get 'em cheaper.

This statement might have been true before Nero 7 came out. Nero 7 is actually more bloated and slower than Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.

I tried Easy media Creator 9 and I have concluded that :

  1. Its much more stable then Nero Burning ROM + Nero Vision
  2. Has a much better UI (you can see actual write speeds without registry hacks)
  3. Shows available disk space in the status bar when adding to a compilation. (Nero never had this feature)
  4. Has a complete suite of products that actually work!

Roxio was not a good product till v 8. But with v 9 they give nero a run for its money. Try it out if you haven’t already.

Edit: nero burning rom in itself might be good without the bloat, but I am referring tot he complete suite.

Yeah, I only use Nero Burning ROM, the main app. All else, I don’t mess with.

That’s all I want - the simple burning app, nothing else.