Roxio RecordNow! Review

Dee-27 and myself have been working on a review for Roxio for there RecodNow! software.

You can find the review on the main page of CDFreaks here .

Please use this thread for any thoughts or questions on this software review.

Looks good… you went pretty in depth… definately worth a read!

Not sure how i’d rate this… a few of your conclusions, for example the quality scans of the burned cds or dvds, are (usually) dependant on the burner in use and hence misleading… what i’m saying here is somebody currently getting bad scans (either due to hardware or media) might think that because this software shows such good scans in its review, it may be what they need to improve theirs.
Also, everyone new to the burning world will try to fill their cds to the brim… I started burning when blanks were still $7-8 each so unfilled cds was essentially wasted space…to be getting errors when doing this is absurd.
One of these softwares has to do something special to stand out in a crowd nowadays. Nero still holds the cup for me. I think its unbeatable.
I feel you also should have pushed data dvds and cds to the limit as well to see if they have the same errors as the data mp3 compilation. But otherwise good review :-S

While the points you raise are very valid points.
We feel that when a burning application is installed onto a system, and various system files are replaced during this installation. We feel its worth while checking on the burn quality to insure nothing has been broken by installing the application.
Perhaps in future reviews where a disc quality scan is included we can add a note saying “Disc Quality is largely dependent on the quality of your media and burner” this should avoid any confusion. :slight_smile:

RE filling a media.
While this is something we would prefer to do, this is not always possible for various reasons. We can only use what material is available to us and within a timescale we can manage. But again, this is a valid point to make.