Roxio MyDvD8 question

Hello i browsed the threads & i found a few which pertained to my question but to be safe i just posted it here =P

So my problem\question is. I use Roxio MyDvD 8 to put some home movies onto a DvD with menus & all that fun stuff, when i add my first video (its about 350MB) but the “used space” bar on the bottom adds like 3.1GB.

I’m pretty new to the “creating DVDs” but i think a 2.8GB jump is alot from adding a 350MB video. was just wondering if its in the wrong format or a different format would be less space used, its currently in .AVI.

Bump? :sad:

You are converting the avi file to dvd-video format. The mpeg2 codec used in dvd-video is inherently less efficient at compression than many modern codecs found in avi files, like xvid or divx. The jump in size is therefore normal

It is often times easier to simply get a dvd player that can handle avi files without conversion. They aren’t very expensive these days. You can then burn the avi files to a disk as data, and not have the increase in size.

Xvid and Divx are the most compatible video codecs for these dvd-players that can play avi files. If you don’t know what is in your avi files, examine them with MediaInfo or Gspot video utility.

so if i just onthefly burned my video files to a DvD using something like PowerISO or something like that would it just read the movies like chapter 1 = movie 1, chapter 2 = movie 2 ect.?

Ran Gspot, its xvid

If the player has support for divx/xvid files, it should list the contents of the disk and allow you to choose which one to play with your remote.

I recommend ImgBurn for burning the files. But I recommend ImgBurn for most any burning chore. :slight_smile:

i do have imgburn =)

sweet, thank you for all your help