Roxio MyDVD 9 Studio

Can anyone help me with roxio mydvd9 studio. I cannot get this software to burn anything. My computer meets all the requirements, I have done evrything roxio told me to try except updating my firmware for my dvd drive, which is a NEC ND-2510A, Im scared to do so after reading all the not want to do’s of updating firmware. Can anyone help me please, or steer me in the right direction??
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You’ll have to be more specific, [B]DeeJr[/B]. Nobody can tell what your problem is by the name of the program and burner alone.

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OK, here goes, when I hit burn on the software, the movie goes through all of its encoding processes and all it needs to do, after everything has been encoded and recorded, it says burning to disk, pauses breifly, then comes and says, “could not burn to disk, image writing failed, error 80004003”, or something like that. It appears to me, that everything is working properly until it gets ready to burn it to disk, then fails. I have tried different media, different vids to record, and nothing seems to work. I hope I have explained this a little better. Anymore info I need to give, i gladly will for a resolution to this.

It might well be the fact that you haven’t updated the NECs firmware as many of the newer 16x media is only recognised , and therefore burned correctly, by the latest firmware.

The latest official firmware can be found here .