Roxio media creator 9 audio rip problem

Hi I just joined today. I’m not just a newbie but one of the buffoon variety.
If anyone can steer me toward a solution to my problem I would be greatly appreciative.
First is there a forum here just dedicated to Roxio Users ? I can’t even find that?
My problem is that once I record (rip) an audio track from a dvd musical (not commercial - one I taped from TV ) - and Roxio 9 says my rip has been successfully recorded - I can’t get the wav file to play back in the sound editor or anywhere.
My goal is to make an audio cd from these wav files. The Roxio 9 audio meter bars - left and right - move while I am recording - although only about one third of the way across no matter how loud I play the music through the computer speakers.
When playing back the recorded wav file all I can detect are the barest of scratchy noises that indicate something was trying to record.
I have a Sony Vaio PCVW30 computer Windows XP
Could it be my soundcard? Roxio 9 says it is capturing from Sis 7012 Wave source whatever that means? I am recording using the CD input that Roxio offers since that is the only input in which I see the sound meter bars moving.

Also is there a way to just import the audio track into the sound editor without using the live record feature through the computer speakers?   

The main reason I bought the Roxio9 is for this very feature of being able to rip audio from dvd videos. If there are better programs please let me know. Roxio seems real simple to use, but I can’t get any playback. Thanks again in advance for any help

Hi Pete
Welcome to CD Freaks. as far as I know many of the members here don’t use Roxio because it has to many conflicts with other programs they use :frowning: may be due to the Packet Writing it uses of course not sure on that :confused: but that is my understanding anyway

If I understand you correctly, you are attempting to transfer from DVD to the hard disc. I will assume that your VAIO has a DVD player in it and that you can play the DVD normally on the computer. With that assumption, you need to be able to RIP the audio track.
I am NOT one who uses Roxio or Nero for that matter for ANY audio related projects anymore. I use Ashampoo Music Studio 3 and strongly urge you to try it-the Trial is FREE. The program contains most everything that you have asked for. The alternate to this one is Audacity, in my opinion.
Another thing that many have discovered is that Roxio and Nero have “packet writing” programs integrated into them that can not only cause major conflicts if both products are installed, but some minor ones that will make coasters for no apparent reason.

You will need to specify where the source files arewhen running a Ripping program. The resulting MP3 or other format (you can select based on a number of factors other folks will explain) files will be on your hard drive in a folder of your choice. Now you can edit and burn an Audio CD for playing in your car or wherever.

Hope this helps a little.

Thank you much for the help oldtime recording engineer. I did have both Nero and Roxio installed and removed Nero. I have no idea what ‘packets’ and ‘coasters’ are.
I will try your suggested alternative in ripping audio.

Do I have to have a certain kind of sound card in my Sony Vaio (yes it does have a dvd player in it ) for audio ripping to be successful regardless of the software used?
You are correct my goal is to make music cds from dvds.
I thank you very much for your time in replying and efforts to assist me.

Sorry just one more question I checked the site that one can download Ashanti
It says I can rip audio from cd’s but doesn’t say anything about dvds. Will it rip audio from dvds that have music and video?
I also noticed that Roxio gives input choices like aux line in mic and cd. It doesn’t give dvd as an input choice. Am wondering for a neophyte like me are cd and dvd synonymous terms when it comes to ripping audio?
Thank you again.