Roxio (EZCD) faces patent lawsuit but innocent?

I just posted the article Roxio (EZCD) faces patent lawsuit but innocent?.

It seems roxio hasn’t got all of his business up 2 date. A lawsuit was filed Thursday by Gracenote, an online music service.

Roxio, a subsidiary of Adaptec, sells software that allows people…

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The only reputation Roxio has is the crappy Easy CD Creator :slight_smile: If their reputation is damaged, it’s their own fault!

Even that Roxio’s reputation is not that good because of Easy CD Creator, this move by gracenote isn’t that fair also, don’t you think??

actually, i think gracenote is the wrong one here. if u people still remember, it used to be called CDDB. it was a site where people could submit album info, and can be downloaded and used by anyone and any software for free. so it’s pretty much just sharing of information. now, since the name change (and is it also an owner change? i don’t recall), gracenote is trying to sell information that was handed to them, no charge, by the public. so which sucks? roxio making an easy to use cd burning software, or gracenote, who is selling free information? maybe someone should create some sort of alternative that can become more successful than gracenote. anyone know of a cd database that’s free and comprehensive? let me know.

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