Roxio EZ CD Version 6

Does anyone have a beta version of Roxio’s EZ CD version 6? It is supposed to be coming out in a few months and I understand some guys over at Dell’s OEM software group have a copy of the new v.6. Looking to try it out and see how the new DVD functionality has been layered in.

No, don’t have a beta version and don’t want it either. Are you sure you want to use Roxio? There are alternatives, better alternatives.

what do you prefer?

most prefer nero for permastering.

BTW@anyone, is it possible to have the latest version of

ECDC installed alongside

nero, DJ, cd mate, CCD and winoncd?

The reason i ask is 'cos i have some real novices at cd burning in my family who dont understand nero or CDmate and ECDC mayb good for them .

Alternative for Roxio: Nero!!! (I haven’t worked with the others)
It works fine for advanced burners and with the new Express interface newbies will have no problems burning their first cd’s. I believe it has even become easier than EZ CD. But I could be wrong. Haven’t used EZ CD for years :slight_smile: If you need more info you can always ask or search the forum for info.

oh yeah i forgot about xpress; ill see if my mum can understand it…

Hey Guys!

I’ve been using EZCD for years and alongside Nero it works perfectly also I know software incompatibilities with proggies like Deamon tools occur but believe me DCD formats CDR’s in ~3sec and you can drag and drop with better quality than to CDRW’s.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that EZCD will allow you to TAO right up to the limit of the disc but on a 700 MB CDR for example Nero usually will only let you DAO for a file at about 685 MB.

I don’t know why Nero doesn’t support formatting of CDR’s but it would definately be a bonus especially as CDR’s are cheaper than CDRW’s.

Can’t wait to try out the EZCD 6 since my recent update to 5.1 was a real improvement.

whats the best 5 version - platinum?

Yup! Platinum 5.02 I think, then update it to 5.1 for free over at Roxio site. :bigsmile:

Works perfectly on Win XP Pro!:slight_smile:

I’m very happy with 5.1 Platinum. Use it with Nero, Clone CD, Feurio & EAC. Just DON’T install INCD & DCD on the same system.

Hey guys

If any of youz out there has Easy CD Creator 5XX and are running XP you might wanna try the 5.3 upgrade which adds support for DVDr + Rw a few bug fixes/more support for correct XP running etc etc.The update is at the bottom of the page …


KEN … :eek:

Hey! Guys…:slight_smile:

Cool info …antons is running 5.1 Platinum with Nero, Clone CD, Feurio & EAC.

I’m curious, is anyone running Roxio with Daemon tools without any problems???

Just asking cause “DAEMON Tools 3.16” is out now and wanted to know if anyone has had any success with WinXP and stability.

Anyone??? :smiley: