Roxio Emc 7 - Help!



I have had a great time using this piecing of kit - mostly making slideshows and then loading them onto the dvd builder, BUT all of a sudden when I’m in the DVD Builder and go to ADD NEW TITLE (and I try to add my slideshow) nothing will happen,and then it crashes! Initially it appeared that it had loaded the slideshow as it had taken up some of the disc space on the dvd but there was no sign of the slideshow itelf (usually the first pic appears on the dvd menu).

I have tried and tried again. I have un-installed and re-installed and the issue remains the same. The Roxio help site is incredibly frustrating - cant even register to send an email and there is no technical support phoneline.

So can anyone help me??? Would buying the next version solve my problem?? (no that I want to spend another £30) :confused:


Do you have Internet Explorer 7 installed? That was causing me issues, uninstalled it and it works now. It still crashes sometimes when adding a title, but when it doesn’t crash the video is shown in the menu.