Roxio EMC 7 disc-to-disc copying

Leave it to Roxio for excellent product support…Here’s the thing, I have used Roxio EZCD 4 and 5 for many years with only a few thousan issues and now that EMC 7 came bundled with my new Plextor 716UF I figure maybe it’s time to forgive and forget. However, I do have a question that remains yet unanswered…am I doing it wrong or is there a way to do data (disc copying) from cd drive to cd drive (sourece to target) without copying to hard drive first. I tried it without caching to HD but both times the disc became yet another coaster. On the older versios of roxio disc-copying gave you the option of copying to HD, with version & either there is no option or I cannot find it.

That shouldn’t be a problem really. Caching is the term that Roxio use for copying to HD first. My setting is “Never Cache”.

The question to ask is does it work OK if you do “cache” it first?

Hopefully the source reader & burner are not on the same IDE Channel.

I tried copying a disc from my E disc drive to my USB ocnnected Plextor without caching and ta-da coaster (didn’t work). When I did cache it, it did work. I think had buffer underrun protection engaged both times.