Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP - the true story

I just posted the article Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP - the true story.

An interesting article on the ‘true story’ behind Windows XP and Roxio (Easy CD Coaster ). The Register had an interview with a former worker of this company:

Roxio has come under sustained…

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When ever I tried easy cd it manages to stuff up my compter so i steer well clear of it now nero works fine, it was bundled with my plexy so it must be good :g

Anybody still using Easy CD Creator is a dullard.

Well… I reckon some might resort to pirating the latest copy.

Roxio EasyCD is crap! It was crap when it was Adaptec. Roxio has done nothing to improve it. Roxio is a rip off company. They have relaesed WinOnCD 5.0 PE in Europe (it works great with XP by the way), when asked when they planned to release it in North America their reaction was “It will NEVER be released in North America” They want us to buy EasyCD. Nero blows EasyCD away so why do people keep screwing with it. Forget EasyCD…it’s crap! The new WinOnCD is great however! It does it all, simple, straight forward and dependable. It gets my Plexy’s vote!

Turned over to nero a few years back from EasyCD…never looked back. Nero is THE shit! :4 of course, you also need CloneCD, but everyone knows that…

I switched fron Easy Cd to Nero some years ago. I used to copy entire cd’s with nero and burn compilations with easy cd . Anyway… when it came to burn several thousand of files ( more than 2000 at a time ) I realized that easy cd freezes all the time. even easy cd 5 platinum doesn’t manage large quantity of files at a time so well. Nero instead … I never had the occasion to see it frezing ( although I used also 5000 files on time ) . Of course you need to install stand - alone aspi layers whne you use nero because they only come with adaptec ( roxio ) software . I’ve found them on the net ( am unofficial release ) because you really DO need Aspi layers in order to burn a cd properly. Conclusion : Nero & Aspi layers = the best :wink: