Roxio easy media creator 7 problems

i usually use nero 6 reloaded, however i needed something to edit sound waves etc. for transfering of cassettes and vinyl onto cd. i recently installed roxio 7 but after installation it keeps on asking for the video stteing to be changed before it will load. to change these permanently makes everything to small. has anyone got any suggestions. it keeps on asking for settings of a minimum of 1024x768 and 16 bit or higher. Also when i go to register it on thier web site it says cd key invalid although there was no problems loading the program.

I go through this myself. What you do is change the size then start the program and change the size back to where you want it. This bypasses the built in size checker. As far as I know there is no way around it.

They call this lazy programmers :rolleyes: If they built the program around 800X600 then size change would be normal like most other programs. They knew they were being sold out to Sonic so I doub’t they cared anymore.

ps: cd key I have no clue. Should have come with the disc or in the download from Roxio. As I recall the key was sent as an email.

Don’t try v7.5 or V8 nothing but trouble with other programs.

Nothing wrong with 7.5 at all. Co-exists perfectly well with evrything on my system.

To fix the problem with VideoWave here I think is the solution.

Run -> CMD
regsvr32 “D:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\DAO360.DLL”

This I seem to recall was from Roxio’s support forum.

I took it his question was about this little gem. Roxio won’t let you open unless your set to a mininum resolution of 1064 X 768. That is a pain. I don’t know how video wave got in here :confused: Only part of Roxio that I found that does not care about screen size is the copy function as in a double click of an iso file that starts up copy straight away. But ill take your word on it. If it ain’t broken im not going to fix it :wink:

I have purchased Roxio Media Creator 8 and Creator Classic doesn’t work me and doesn’t succeed me to have explanations from the support Roxio, I won’t buy anymore one product of theirs


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Only most of it

Substitute the D:\ for C:\ . I did this when I was dual booting that’s why it’s d:.


There was a problem with VideoWave that did exactly this & the OP referred to editing sound so I somehow made the , rather tenuous, connection. Perhaps erroneously.

thanks for your help.
tried waht you said Tim but still get the same message that Bkf mentioned.
with regard to the cd key registration problem i think there may be some issues with the roxio site as i cannot even sign up for help to get into their forum. I do have the cd key as you need it to load the program guess I will have to hope they fix their web site and links. :rolleyes: