Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 Problem

I’m new to this forum and I’m looking for some help.
I’ve installed Easy Cd Creator 7 + the update.
And when I select the Write Speed for burning Data and Audio for CD-Rs, there is only 1 option, whcih is 8x.

I’m not really for sure what to do.

PS: My CD-RW : LG GCE-8320B

I have exactly the same problem. Using the Easy Media Creator 7 Suite with an LG GCE-8160B. Max Speed of the recorder is 16X, and I’m using 48 or 52X Cds, but EMC7 only gives me 2 recording speed choices: 4x and 8x.

I don’t really know how to fix it…

Some drives burn audio CDs at a lower speed, are you running into this limitation?

My Plextor 40X drive would burn audio at 24x MAX.

The fact is, I’ve used many recording software (EZCD 4 and 5, Nero 5, Alcohol 120, Clone CD), and NEVER had this problem. All of those softwares always gave me recording speed choices from 4x to 16x (which is the max of my good-old recorder)… but now with Easy 7 I got this problem… can’t write faster than 8x… :frowning:

I know some applications will allow you to select invaild write speeds, are you sure the other apps are really burning at the speed they say they are?

I’m not promoting Roxio, they certainly have their share of flaws, but this might explain your issue.

Roxio has a bunch of forums on their web site for getting answers from their people.