Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 "Disc Copier"

Although most people who frequent this forum and those who frequent use Nero extensively; there are those of us, who perfer to use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Specifically the “Disc Copier” function.

For those who haven’t tried to use the Roxio “Disc Copier” Function and would like to know how to use it, take a look at this page of mine:

It contains a How To Guide for Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 “Disc Copier”

Eric :wink:

Good call. I personally avoid Roxio out of long-term prejudice (it trashed too many of my machines in verison 5), but I hear that version 7 sucks much much less than previous versions. :slight_smile:

So thank you!

I use roxio and this is a very good program thanks for info :iagree: