Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 Review

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Easy Media Creator 7.5 is Roxio’s latest and most complete burning product from Roxio. It has a number of features to copy and burn CD’s, all with easy to follow instructions along with numerous other programs to backup your PC and for transferring DivX movies to DVD’s. Time to see how is peforms.

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I am a long time user and forum support participant of Easy CD Creator, back to the Adaptec days days of version 3. Roxio had some rough times with this software, especially with versions 5 and 6. Towards the end of Version 5’s product life (after the proper maintenanace and fixes were developed and applied), it was a very stable and effective burning tool and my favorite. I skipped over Version 6 completely. Version 7 is now my program of choice and has been quite good, and it is good to see CDFreaks saying complimentary things about the latest iteration of EMC7.x. I have had very good performance from Roxio’s EMC7.x product line. A couple of added points about the review: 1. When Disc Copier is in “caching” mode, it does not show a write speed because it is not writing to the media at that point. I believe it is caching to hard disc. 2. When Disc Copier is finished, it indicates “Finished” towards the top of the write dialog box, in addition to changing the tag for the button towards the bottom of the box. 3. Roxio provides a pretty effective user community forum where users of the software are able to ask questions, discuss problems and get help from other users of the product line.

Had to reboot my computer alost all my files and have start over so i need to reinstall dvd santa. thanks sharon


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hi i want this roxio

:c ok but does not covert a lot of the time

Wow, mine works NOTHING like you’re saying! It INSISTS on you picking some stupid corny template that IT picks for you. You can’t flip video. You can click the button but NOTHING happens. It makes you add things you don’t want to add. This program is a piece of crap!! NOT EASY media creator!!!

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