Roxio Easy-Cd/DVD menu creation - and Music Videos



Here’s my issue - i like to make music video’s for working out to.

My issue is that i can put them in an order and have them play in that order.

i can do video selections.

but i wana know - is there any way to set up an option to randomly play them in a random order so i don’t have to watch them always in teh same dang order over and over?


No. Unless you use the PGC Playlist creation option in DVD lab(see the Help file for more Info) but this involves tinkering with the Pre and Post-PGC commands and Programming. If you didnt get what I just said, then the answer is still NO.

Hope this helps.


i need a coad for my Easy cd creator 5 platnum were it asks or the coad off the back o your cd case



contact Roxio for help, given you can provide them a proof of purchase.