Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum can't Find My new HP DVD-Burner!

I’m running a PC with Windows 2000 and the brand new HP DVD-writer 200i.
Seems Roxio can’t find my burner!
I got a message “There are no available CD recorders on this system.”
But, HP standard SW that is included, work very well with the “nonexistent” DVD-burner!
I have upgraded to version 5.1, and also installed the latest DriveUp_v15d.
But the updated Adaptec SW does not recognize my new HP DVD-Writer 200i!

Is there any one out there that have solved this problem?

There is no problem to solve. Your new recorder is simply not yet supported by Easy CD Creator. Support will probably be added at a later date.

Obviously your drive works with the included software, or they couldn’t have sold it. In a rush to sell a product, one type of software may be custom tailored to work with it.

This type of situation happens all of the time when hardware is pushed on to the market without first coordinating with the burning software companies. Eventually they get around to supplying necessary hardware specifications so that a recorder can be recognized and supported.