Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum: Arrgh!



Major problems running Roxio CD 5 Platinum; after (repeated) installs keep getting same error messages – for Music CD Project, error is “Exception in CreateInstanc of Creator!”, followed by “Creatr50 has caused an error in CREATOR.DLL. Creatr50 will now close.”

When I run Soundstream, similar errors – “Create Instance Error” “Error Creating ICDEngineMain Interface Instance. HRESULT=80040154 (Class not registered).”

This is Greek to me. However, I have exchanged the software AND my CD rewriter (which kinda sucked anyway – was Omniwriter 26A; now Creative RW1210E). Have gotten zero response from Roxio tech “support.”

Seems to me that this software just won’t run on my computer (200MMx, Windows Me, 64 MB RAM). Question is, (a) is there a tweak I can do to make it work? and (b) if not, what’s a suitable alternative software? I’m especially interested in flexible cross-fading – i.e., not just last two seconds…

Any help MUCH appreciated!



Wavelab is a good alternatif, and if you like the Roxio stuff you should flush ME and go back to win98se. I tied Soundstream there and it workt fine.
You can find wavelab at


I am running Windows 2000, and It also gave me similar problems under Windows 2000. I didnt test is under Win ME yet. But I am not very nethusiastic about it. The best experiece I had with EAsy CD, was the version 3.5 still.


Get rid of Roxio and use something better like NTI CD Maker 2000 v4.268 or HotBurn Pro v2.04, or Nero v5.048


I have only heard problem after problem after problem with ezcd 5. I still have version 3.5, but it will not worl with my burner at all(sony spressa 140e.) I can use everything else except that ezcd creator 4 & 5. however I used that program a lot until I had to by a new burner(ezcd3.5) and then discovered I liked nero better. I also subscribe to the list for Roxio and that’s how I know there are tons of problems with the new version. Maybe its just buggy, I dont know.