Roxio Easy CD creator 5 can't recognize blank CDs

I did a search on this forum but can not find anything on this topic.

I have a new Gateway with the CD-R/W drive. The software is Easy Creator 5. Musicmatch Burner Plus. I have some experience with earlier versions on my previous Gateway, worked well.

On this version, I can insert a new blank CD, specify Music CD. When I add tracks to the list, then hit the Burn button, it tells me the disk is closed, insert a blank one. I have tried 3 types of CD media. This is very frustrating! Can anyone help?


I gazed into my crystal ball to see if I could determine the Operating System that is installed on your PC and any other relevant information, like if you had a 2nd CD installed, and so on, but alas, the plurry thing just would not tell me.

I think I’m using the wrong software on my crystal ball.
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Oh sorry, I was just fishing to see if this was a common or known issue.

Win XP

I have received a reply from the Jukebox software manufactorer, basically telling me they will not assist GW customers with the installed trial version, I have to buy the upgrade to merit their attention. I’m supposed to get 5 free runs but with that attitude, they can shove it. I uninstalled this evening, will buy another package.


Try this old post by that true blue “FutureProof” from OZ

Search within the forum for “Roxio Easy creator can’t recognize blank CDs” (words in search must each be 3 or more characters long, CD and 5 are not long enough)
or full search on web for “Roxio Easy CD creator 5 can’t recognize blank CDs” would have yielded this’t+recognize+blank+CDs

hello to all
my roxio 5 is now missing a file called basic data any soluton for this


Hi and Welcome,[quote=lacydogy2000;2040832]hello to all
my roxio 5 is now missing a file called basic data any soluton for this
[/quote]Reinstall from your software CD. Also check Roxio support website for patches and updates.


Or go one step further and delete ALL references to the Roxio package and install FREE CD Burner from Koyotesoft. He also has a terrific ripper that is completely FREE.

If you want to buy a program that supports most CD drives-then use Ashoampoo Burning Studio 7-the trail is free for 40 days and it is not bloatware.