Roxio Data Transfer Rate Test Error @ 5%


Had previously used my Plextor PX-32TS almost exclusively for simply reading, playing cds and DAE for burns using Roxio CD Creator 5.

Recently received music in the form of SHN files and had to convert/transfer data files. After booting up the first of several file conversions go smoothly, before thing gradually grind to a halt.

Attempted to run the CD Creator Data Transfer Rate Test and had it “Unspecified Error” at the 5% mark. DAE test checks out OK. Rebooted and successfully ran the CD Creator Data Transfer Rate Test, before trying to repeat it immediately thereafter and having it slowly come to error again at the 5% mark.

Also recently installed ASPI for purposes of ripping cds to mp3s and before beginning the work with SHN files.

Running W2K and my Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI CDR/RW drive appears to being working fine in terms of it’s Data Transfer Rate and write performance.

What’s up with a CDROM drive or software that will still read/play cds normally and do DAE, but can’t execute a Data Transfer Rate Test?

Have just downloaded NERO’s CDSpeed test program. Will report results next week.

Thanks, Gerry