Roxio burning better than Nero?

I’m not sure. This burn was done with Roxio Easy Media Creator v7.0 and is certainly good! I’ve since uninstalled Nero since I haven’t been using it much due to the fact that I think it’s become a bit of a resource hog. I do have NeroVision Express installed yet though since I do use that program and like it - glad that application runs by itself without any issues from what I can tell.

And no - I didn’t install the Drag To Disc portion of Roxio since that I guess is the portion that used to be DirectCD. Try to save myself as many headaches as I possibly can. So far I’m rather impressed with the Roxio suite of software. :wink:

Nero doesn’t listen to its customers. One should be able to choose the installation footprint, just like Office. CD-DVD Speed and Recode are good applications. The main Nero burn program is also above average.

Downloading 35 MB of NVE is ridiculous, especially if you only want to update Recode.