Roxio announces Easy CD Creator 5.3 Platinum

I just posted the article Roxio announces Easy CD Creator 5.3 Platinum.

Roxio has today announced the availability
of Easy CD Creator 5.3 Platinum. The upgrade adds new DVD capabilities, such as support for data burning on DVD+R and DVD+RW drives and drive-specific…

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A little more explanation would be appreciated :wink:

:r (@ Roxio)


Explanation: Easy CD [Coaster] Creator bites.


… and even more :r

:r :r :r :r

What’s up with all the :r? I’ve been using Easy CD Creator and have NEVER made a coaster. On the same hand, I also use Nero Burning Rom and can’t get the bastard to load up after updating it to the current version. I’ve used Nero since version 5.0 came out, so it’s not “user error”. Has anybody else had problems with the latest Nero? It’s version (5599.exe)…using Windows 2000/SP3.

If you like some of us had been burning cds for years now, than you would have understand why we … uhm … dislike it. :wink: I don’t know if it has gotten any better. Someone on this site adviced me to use Nero a couple of years back and I haven’t changed since then :slight_smile:

You have to have a valid serial number for Nero to work properly.

If you gave a million people Nero and Easy CD and ask which they prefered I’m sure a majority would have less trouble using Nero and would use it over Easy CD. :slight_smile:

:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r Winoncd is just as comfortable as easy cd creator, but the advantage is it doesn’t destroy your system, like the easycd crap. If I want to feel professional, I fire up Nero, but most of the time I use winoncd. with right aspi and scsi drivers it’s unbeatable

$99.95 ?? Are they crazy ? oh ya :r

in the olden days before cd-rw drives had buffer underun technology easy coster maker made destroyed about 40% of all the cd’s i bought, nero never failed once

the ONLY 2 buring apps anyone should use is Nero and CloneCD. Easy Coster is to burning apps like AOL is to the Internet. Simple things for simple minds. Nero has NEVER failed me, never had to reboot for the updates and always works all the time. And I don’t believe Nero has ever caused your system to crash either.

By the way, the link isn’t working :c