Roxio Announces '10-Packs' of Easy CD Creator

I just posted the article Roxio Announces ‘10-Packs’ of Easy CD Creator.

To much money left? Buy a 10-pack Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum for Windows! Roxio yesterday announced they will start selling 10 packs of their best-selling software for (mainly) organizations. Of…

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LMAO Buy it in 10-packs? I wouldn’t even use ONE if it was free! Piece of shit-software… :d

Chronic, youre sooo right :4

That’s right kids, now for $879.50 you can get 10 versions of the shittiest burning software!

Let me get this straight… $879.50 is £624 (British pounds). Thats £62 per copy - AND THAT’S THEIR GOOD PRICE! Nero is only £50 for their BAD RETAIL PRICE and is infinitely better!

Looks like their sales are down 10 times, so they expect companies to buy this crappy software.

Yeeaahw! Buy them in a 10-pack… Image what you could be doing with 10 pieces of that **** software :4 1- Use it as a coaster to put under your bottle of beer 2- Use it as a coaster tu put under your friend’s bottle of beer 3- Use it as a background for a nice design wall-clock 4- Use it as a mirror to reflect the sun and annoy your neighbour 5- Use it to build your own brake-disc on yer bicycle 6- Put it on the wall, just because ‘it looks nice’ 7- Use it as a geometry tool to draw perfect 12-cm circles 8- Use it as a frisbee to enjoy yourself and your friends at the beach 9- Give one to your best friend ‘just as a gift’ 10- … Use it to install EasyCD creator?.. ‘Imagine yourself…’ :slight_smile:

easy cd creator is the BEST burning software avaliable…a gallon of petrol and a box of matches will prove that…:4

Longtime user of Roxio 6 and 7 here. Every release since has been a true dissappointment. Oh Hell, everybody else on this post said it. ROXIO 10 IS A HORRIBLE PIECE OF SHIT!!! I WANY MY MONEY BACK!