Roxio and New EZ Creator

I came across this article in PC World 2001/09 on Page 27 and perhaps most of you know about it already.

The jist of the story is that roxio within the next 1 1/2 years will be coming out with a new version of their software, but will supposedly contain DRM (Digital Rights Management-Encryption/Decryption software)
What this means you may d/l say from EMI Recorded Music Copy Protected music and burn them Once The Consumer Has Paid His/Her fees.
It is also undecided how many copies one will be allowed to burn and the DRM can be modified in the software so that other protection schemes that utilize DRM will function.

Now after reading this
I pulled out and dusted the Ouiji Board (Hello Hasbro)
Went to a store that imports China Tea/India Tea (Sorry Lipton)
for reading of the tea leaves (Must have absolutely no sediment)
Found a Crystal Ball from social event that occurred about a week ago and was lying in a garbage can
Looked up to the sky for guidance

This will be hacked faster than you can say speedy gonzales.

:cool: :slight_smile: :cool: you are so right what a total waste of time an Im a ecd user and lover

Not one calorie of brain power was used to figure that one out.

Save those calories man there’s more copycodes 2 come:rolleyes:

Just out of curiousity how will this software it has copied the cd,
and paid the fee?

What the heck is that??

BLahhhhh more protections, they suck!!

I don’t think that has been settled yet.
However consider this, we have
Orange Book Standards
Red Book Standards
Yellow Book Standards

And now which really has been around for a long time
White Book Standards
You say what the heck is that

“For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

This concept although very simplistic in nature is hard to explain to recording companies,copy protection companies.