Roxio and Nero together

Good evening,
My question is, Can Roxio easy cd creator andNERO 6.0 6.3 Express reside on the same hard drive without conflicting?

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Not a good idea. Nero is the better of the 2.

Some poeople have reported problems. I myself used to run Roxio 5 and Nero 5 at the same time along with CloneCD, Alcohol and Blindwrite without a simgle problem.

So who really knows.

They play together well on my 'Puters, just don’t have anything from either one come up on start up and don’t set either as the default program,or media player or anything else set to be default device.

I run Roxio 7, Nero 6.6 and loads of others & I’ve experienced NO problems. Just don’t run Drag-to-disc & INCD together. I choose D-to-D myself.

Same here with Roxio and Nero. In addition, I’ve got Daemon Tools, CloneCD, CloneDVD/AnyDVD installed. I had a trial of Blindwrite at one point, no problems there. It’s amazing all these can play nice together.

Just to add to Juggernaut - I’m running all the same apps as he is.

Yes, with the correct settings and usage noted by others here.