Roxio 8 or Nero 7?

How is Roxio 8 compared to Nero 7? I’m getting so sick of the bugs in nero 7 anymore… tried to create a dvd and the menu won’t work in the created image. Try to update the software and because I have applocale installed the stupid thing thinks it’s Japanese and I have to uninstall applocale everytime I want to update than reinstall it. Was wondering how Roxio 8 is compared to Nero 7.

Roxio 7 or Nero 6 :iagree:

That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. :iagree:

Nero 7 is still buggy, whilst Nero or are very sound.

For Roxio I’ve stuck to 7.5. I’ve seen 8 and , for me, it’s no where as good.

I run both these happily side-by-side.

Yeah Nero 7 is nothing like their earlier releases. It is still a clunky interface and alot of other bloat been added to it like Nero Showtime. It was only the digital recode that was nice in 7 but since the dvd menu creator is buggy and requires a total reconversion to fix it it’s not worth the hassle of using Nero for that either.

I’ve seen a nice progression in Nero – I.E. version 5 was a true POS, 6 was at least useable in some situations, and 7 seems to approach something like stability and reliabilty (for me, anyway). Of course, I don’t burn/master video DVDs with Nero, so I guess I haven’t seen the majority of bugs in 7.