Roxio 8 and Nero 7 problems together?



Are these two bitter enemies when installed on the same system or will they work fine? Is there any documented cases or personal experiences where these two products on the same system does in fact cause problems? Thanks


I’ve always been able to run Roxio 7.5 & Nero 6 together without ANY problems. I never install Nero’s INCD & don’t auto start DragtoDisk.
I’ve not tried the latest versions together as I don’t like the changes in Roxio 8 & Nero 7 has too many issues yet.


i would do it one at a time so that it doesn’t conflict with each other. but both programs are good


do not install both nero incd and roxio on the same machine and they will work fine. Have had both on my computer for years. Do not reccomend roxio to many problems installing and such but if you have used it as long as I have you can make it work.