Roxio 6 platinum question

I have roxio 6 newest updates, and i was wondering if there is anyway to make an mp3 cd on a dvd…That way i can listen to it in the car. I have a dvd player in the car, so i know it should work. Thanks

Whether it will work or not depends more on your player that anything else.

As an experiment, I burner 3 GB of MP3s to a DVD +RW disc using Roxio 6, Data (not music) setting and tested in two home DVD players that play MP3 files. The Philips DVP 642 stalled and wouldn’t recognize the files on the DVD. Changing the booktype to DVD-ROM didn’t make any difference. The Liteon LVD-2002 recognized the MP3 files and folders and played fine, even with long filenames and the original +RW book type.

The Philips DVP 642 is reported to play MP3-DVD, but doesn’t support long filenames. I could probably get it to work by fiddling with it. It may not like the DVD-RW format for MP3s.

Although it could work for you, I doubt that it will work in most car DVD players. See MP3 in Car DVD Players.

I burned another DVD+RW with Nero and it played successfully in the Philips DVD 642. Roxio 6 seems a poor choice for burning MP3s with broad compatiblity. It doesn’t allow enough options to fix compatibility problems.

If you don’t have Nero, you can get a trial version at Nero 6.6 Trial Version. For best compatibility use the following settings:

No Multisession
File Name Length: Max of 11 = 8 + 3 chars.
Character Set: ISO 9660
Relax ISO Restrictions: All unchecked

Relax Joliet Restrictions: Checked (shouldn’t cause a problem)

If your player can read long filenames, they are still present in Joliet format and will be read. If your player can’t read long filenames, it will read the ISO 9660 short filename format and play them.

If you have any program wthat includes DVD encoding - AND allows you to change the settings, another approach is to record a DVD with a low video bitrate, and decent audio - no need to buy a special program to do it.

A lot of players that wil play a wide variety of CD material (JPEG, MP3, Divx etc.) will still only play standard or not quite standard DVD