Roxio 6 Doesn't See Sony DRU-510A Drive



I have installed a new Sony DRU 510A DVD R/RW drive. I have also installed and upgraded Roxio 6 Easy CD and DVD creator. The Roxio software will not “see” my Sony drive as being recordable. (all it shows is my CD-RW drive) I have the latest Sony Firmware and the upgraded the Roxio software. In WinXP Explorer, my Sony drives shows as a “CD drive”, not DVD or DVD-RW.

Seems as if WinXP does NOT see the SOny as a recordable device. Any suggestions?


Are you using the v6.0.4.1 update for the EZCD 6?

If so, then it seems that your DVD burner is not yet supported by the software. It will probably be supported by the next update.

What burning software came with the Sony DRU 510A DVD R/RW drive?


I have seen this issue a few times. Usually there are two causes for this. The previous post is the first. The second occurs when your motherboards BIOS fails to recognize/identify your DVD/burner\etc… to the O/S. You are correct. If windows doesn’t see it as a DVD burner, your Roxio won’t see it or know what to do with it ether. Since you have the latest firmware, you might have to try a newer MB BIOS, if available. If not, you might have a new fast piece of hardware you won’t be able to use. Once the drive is correctly ID’ed in the O/S, Roxio might be able to help you with a patch for your drive, if it is still unsupported. Simply waiting for the next update may or may not be the solution. Good luck. I’ve been down this road before.




Your “motherboards BIOS fails to recognize/identify your DVD/burner\etc… to the O/S” theory is untrue. A newer motherboard BIOS is not the issue if the drive is recognized by Windows as a CD-ROM.

All ATAPI CD-ROM, CD-RWs, and DVD burners are recognized as belonging to the CD-ROM category in Windows and are placed there in Device Manager. All the BIOS does is facilitate the recognition of the ATAPI device and read the description of the drive from its firmware when booting.

Software support in Windows is what makes it possible to use a drive as a CD-R(W) or DVD burner. Without software support, Windows is “dumb” as to the capabilities of the drive.


I stand corrected.