Roxio 5 basic read error

I have Roxio 5 basic that came installed with my Gatway Laptop. When creating a audio CD I get an error repeatedly:

E80041931: TrackWriter error - CD read failed - [T7124].

My cd drive is a Matsushita UJDA730 DVD/CDRW. All the Roxio system tests work and what is worse, the recording is able to place about 4 seconds of data on the CD (probably indexing data of some sort) but fails when it starts to record, rendering a CD-R disk useless.

I am running on Win 2x. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Does this happen with more than one audio CD?

I’m having the same problem but it happens everytime I try to burn any music onto a CD. What I’m wandering is if I just have a bad batch of CD’s :a. I mean I wasn’t having any problems with it until last week and I had just bought a new batch of CD-R High Capacity CD’s. Can anyone help me? I just downloaded a couple of albums and would really like to burn them. I should also mention that I am using my CD rom in my tower. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks very much.