Roxio 2010 burn issues from a panasonic camrecorder

I recently purchased Roxio 2010 to make slide shows and also take video from my older Panasonic camrecorder to burn onto DVDs which I could then play on the TV. All is working as far as burning slide shows and video from a newer digital camera, but not the Panasonic camrecorder. It is a Panasonic 700x with progressive photoshot , magicPix images and uses a miniDV. I can bring it up in Roxio 2010 and it goes all the way through the burning program, then when it is finished at 100% it comes up with a message: Failed to start the image writing operation Error while burning image 80004003 Error while aborting. Everything is updated as far as I know, so what is the problem. Roxio is not much help!

I don’t use Roxio, but a couple of things: What format are the videos, avi, wmv, mov,etc? Are you using Roxio to transfer from the camera to your PC using USB or FireWire? Are the transferred videos still on your hard drive? What brand of blank disk are you using? What burner and burn speed do you use?

First of all, I am not a “techie” so you may have to direct me as to how to find the info. I did use Roxio to transfer from the camera to my PC using USB and yes, the movie is till on my hard drive. I have used Sony DVD-RW and TDK DVD-R disks. The burner came with the emachinesW3400 and I’m not sure weather it is a HDS728080PLAT20 or a HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B or LITE-ON CD-ROM LTN-489S as these all come up when I click on the DVD-RW drive properties. The type of file is Roxio my DVD project which is a .dmsd file. Don’t know what burn speed - whatever is the normal set up. Does this info. help?

Maybe the Roxio forum would be a better place to look for an answer. The “usual suspects” don’t appear to be the problem. You have used the program for slideshows and other video projects using, as your source, your newer digital camera. So, your burner isn’t the problem, the brand of blank disk doesn’t seem to be the problem, and Roxio doesn’t seem to be the problem. I can’t imagine why importing from your Panasonic would be any different than importing from your digital camera. Just a long shot, try burning the project to a different brand of DVD, Verbatim or TY are the preferred media.
I was hoping someone who uses this Roxio program would post, but it doesn’t look like it.
Sorry and good luck.

Thanks so much. I’ve been racking my brain and come up with the same. Roxio has not been very helpful. I am going to try getting new DVDs like you said and also try burning straight from my camera to the burner with the usb posrt they provided. Crossing my fingers on this one.