Roxie Easy Media Creator 8

I had troble with my Roxie Eay Media Creator 8. I hope that you can help me. I tried to burn an audio CD but everytime I tried would get this error message …
There was a problem reading data fast enough to your recorder. Click retry to have Creator 8 Suite home try to recover from this error. You will need to have another blank disc ready. :sad:
Can anyone help me solve this problem? I would appreciate it very much if you can. :bow:

Are you trying to copy an Audio CD and doing it on-the-fly - disc to disc without storing the image on the HDD?

Gloria Williams, welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your thread to the “CD and DVD Burning Software” forum. :wink:

I am sorry I am just getting back to you. I have been ill. I was trying to burn an Audio CD and after copying 3 songs it kick my CD out and give me the error message about problem reading data fast enough to my recorder. What can I do?

Hi, what TimC wanted to know is whether the songs you want to burn are stored on your PC already or if you are copying them from another disc (using two different CD/DVD-drives).

That’s not quite what I was asking.

In Roxio (at least in 7.5 & below) you can specify whether to cache or not. Caching here means copying the whole of the CD/DVD to the HDD first & then starting the burn once this is done.
You choose this option if the reader device is not fast enough to keep up with then selected burn speed of the target.
Also if the source & target are on the same IDE channel you’ll probably be best to select this option.

I suspect this is what you need to look at.

I know that’s what you mean and whether you call it the “songs” or the “whole of the CD”, the answer should have been the same. Just thought I’d try and get an answer while Gloria was still online yesterday.