Routing my Stereo Mix through a virtual sound card


I would like to route the Stereo Mix of my sound card through a virtual sound card, so that I can record both the sounds that my computer generates and what I say into the microphone. (I need to have the computer output and the microphone output on a different channel.)

Is there any software that can do that?

Thanks in advance,
Pieter De Decker

Most sound cards come with software that will do that. What kind of card do you have?

According to Device Manager, I have the “C-Media AC97 Audio Device” sound card.

I was using cool edit pro (adobe audition is the newest one) to record some audio cassettes or radio recordings. I didnt know it until playback of the recording, but i captured both the cassette, and my audio sounds. Try the program out.

Audacity is also a good free program to record sound. I would give it a try.

I already worked with Audacity, but that program doesn’t support recording multiple microphone outputs.

I have a program that can do what I want to accomplish (KRISTAL Audio Engine), but that program can use one input channel per sound card at a time.

Therefore, I need a program that will route the Stereo Mix from sound card 1 to - let’s say - sound card 3.