Hi, i have a Linksys router wrt54g and a verizon wireless router/modem 7500 what way should i go for gaming use the linksys and the 7500 modem and disable the wireless feature of the 7500 or get rid of the linksys all together. The computer is a wired connection for gaming.

Assuming you are able to configure everything properly, I doubt you will notice much, if any, difference between the linksys and verizon routers in throughput. I’d go with whichever one gives you the most signal strength and security features.

As far as performance goes, I’m in the minority but in my not so humble opinion, wired versus wireless performance is not an issue. I gamed on my home network with a wireless adapter for years with absolutely no issues in any of the games I played, mostly MMO’s. If your network is solid and is able to maintain a wireless connection, I say go with it.

You should on the other hand have your verizon router in bridged mode so your Linksys router gets an external IP-adress. Using wireless if you have good signal strength shouldn’t be an issue.