Router Uptime

I would have to say that this is a record

…normally it reads around four or five hours…anyone wanna beat me?!

btw, Netgear FR114P, can’t beat it for ~USD$120

  1. printserver
  2. router - it loves my D-Link DSL-300
  3. firewall - SPI and NAT, mac spoofing and other good stuff :wink:



FP just found his mistake… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm, mistake? There is no M word where I’m from! Just an img tag ending with a url tag :stuck_out_tongue:

and here i just hit 3 hours the other day, thought i was kicking ass

Hmm my D-Link 804 doesn’t have an uptime-counter… But I never turn it off so I guess it’s been up a while…

Had to restart my smoothwall pc several times because of some updates , but other than that , it’s been on since 2002.

My Freesco system was up for almost 2 years…

Now I got a hardware router:

And heres me with a crappy Intellinet router, that cant even tell the time … Its been on for about 6 months, and it is still saying it doesnt know the time … I keep getting a message every 5-10 seconds saying “01/07/2002 09:00:26 Can’t find NTP time” and the clock started off at 01/01/2002.

The shop i bought it from havent got a clue, they didnt even know routers kept a time log … And Intellinet dont even bother to reply to mails … Anyone got any ideas on how to set the time properly?


When I say I keep getting a message every 5-10 seconds, it just appwars on the router log, but it is annoying to say the least

My ADSL router is currently continious online for: 1202:24:37. Oh and I resetted it only by mistake, otherwise it would be online for more than 2000 hours. :D.