Router problem


I am having a problem with my conexant router, after currently reading this article, I checked my ports and realised that port 23 and 80 were open :confused: , so i took the advice of the article and disabled all those options in the misc settings in my router. I ran the port scan again but port 80 was still open, so I checked again in my misc config in my router, and although everything was disable there was a option saying “HTTP server port” with the value “80” in it, so I thought I’ll get rid of that and deleted so there was no value… Rebooted my modem, port scan said it was closed, so I was quite pleased with myself, until I couldn’t get into my router settings :S but could access internet fine :a , in the end I had to poke the little reset button on my modem to get back into the router settings. I altered that value again, and hey presto, i had to reset my modem again!

How can I close this damn port but make it also let me access my router settings??? Any networking people out there, please help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I know someone will help fix it!!

daaaamn, someone delete this… just found the answer:

"One oddity of the X-Modem is that TCP port 80 of the modem is visible to the outside world, although people who access it will be given a permission denied message. This causes problems for people who want to run a web server on their computer on the standard TCP Port 80, since people from the Internet will only see the closed port 80 of the X-Modem. To overcome this problem the simple solution is to move the X-Modem web server from port 80 to another port. We should add that this blocked port 80, does not affect normal web browsing, as any port 80 requests that originated from the LAN side of the X-Modem still work.

The screenshot below shows the default settings for the X-Modem web administration section. Changing the HTTP server port from 80 to 8080 as shown in the second screenshot overcomes the port 80 block, allowing TCP Port 80 traffic through again. To access the web console after this change type"

For others that may have the same problem, how did you fix it?

Well, if you read the quote from my previous post, for some reason the modem shows it is open but if u did try and access you would get access denied, so it is safe.

You can change this port, (lets just say if you did to 8080), to access the router settings you would now type in ur browser, rather than just the you usually do.

Hope that helps anyone, with the same query as I had!

Actually “Access Denied” don’t mean your safe from hacker or Pingers. Just mean they can now still locate your port. If it said something like “Stealth” ports. That will prevent online Crackers from comprimising your computer on the internet. Do you use the online site Shields UP to test your ports?