Router Netgear wgr614 v6 + adsl non flat

Hi guys,
as you would have probably noticed I am soooo new to this forum…
anyway I have gained some useful info trough the various threads found here: this place is a great source of relevant information that, at least in my case, I found difficult to find anywhere else.
enough with the compliments!

I have just set-up a router Netgear wgr614 v6 to be used together with my home modem which is a Pirelli Gate used to access Italian adsl which I pay for by the minute/hour.
The question is: prior to using the wifi router I had to decide to access the net by typing username and password and clicking on the ‘connect’ button; nowadays, instead, it is the router that manages my username and password so that anytime the modem is on I got access to the net therefore paying for every second the modem is left on.
I have heard that in some cases the adsl provider (in my case it is Alice-Telecom) will keep seeing that I am using the net even though I have switched off the modem as I had no means to tell them I wanted to disconnect.
Could this be true? I fear it as per every day it would mean I have to pay 48 euros and the next phone bill will only come through in the next 6 weeks… :frowning: and I cannot even add that much together!!!

Please if there is anybody that can be of any help, I would greatly appreciated.



Can anybody help me out on this?

Thanks in advance.

Uhm… charge per minute?
That’s the first time I’ve heard about it for ADSL and are you really sure that’s the case?
Even though ADSL can be used as dail-up (PPPoE) it’s not designed for that type of use.
If you want to share the connection you still have to use the router to login and even if you disconnect there’s a high chance that it’ll reconnect automatically after X amount of minutes.

Hi DiiZzY,

thanks for your help.

Here in Italy there are many internet providers that on top of offering you different kind of flat-rate for your connection they also offer a per-minute connection (which in my case is charged at € 2,00 per hour).

Then if I phisically disconnects the phone line from the modem, even if the router tryies to re-connect itself it won’t be able.
In theory, then, I should not be paying, but word is out that if the provider does not receive a I-want-to-disconnect-myself message, then, even if the line is down it will still charge by the min.!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: And that is scary! :eek: