Router/Cable ISP Problem

I just changed from a wireless ISP to a cable ISP. I have two computers. One has XP Pro, the other XP home. Both have Security Shield 2008 virus progam. Both computers were working fine with the wireless connection. Now, the computer with xp home will not open several websites to banks, paypal etc. The computer with xp pro will. All the personal internet options or settings are the same on both computers… the security shield settings are the same. I turned off the Security Shield to see if the fire wall was blocking my computer from loading these websites and the results were the same. When I by-passed my Linksys Wireless B 2.4 ghz router, and hook directly to the computer with xp home, it still will not load the programs. Obviously something is wrong. I have made contact with Tech. Support from both Security Shield and the cable ISP. The security shield tech said that since I turned off the program and the computer still will not load the sites, it’s not their virus program. The ISP tech said it’s the Virus program.

I’m not sure what to do?

I did read that my router may not be the best and that thought that maybe I should upgrade to the Linksys G model.

I did disconnect the modem also and this did not solve the problem.

I do know that all worked fine before switching from a wirelss ISP to a cable ISP.

I would really appreciate any suggestions to help me out.

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very strange things… you can try it with a different computer (ask a friend 2 come over for tea or coffee and have a go with his/hers pc). Do you have normal ping times ?? Try pinging some websites - maybe your internet connection is having problems somewhere… Also maybe change the wireless router or simply try to connect one of your pc directly to the modem via cable (no router in the way) and have a go on that - maybe you will find a problem then. There are lots of things you need to check - but be patient - it should work out by the end of the day

Anyway - shouldn’t be a difference if you got a wireless ISP or cable ISP (ok can be performance but I think it could be only it) as its just a medium of sending and receiving data.

Hope it helps a bit


Boot with a live cd (like Ubuntu 9 or something) on the pc with the errors. If the errors suddenly dissapeared and you can easily connect to all the sites you can be sure it’s a software problem.

Thanks for the advice… have fixed my problem. I went to control panel and network connections… had to make some changes here. Now I’m pretty sure I need a new router because some pages only partially load.