Rounding out my drive order, having fun!

After tons of reading here and asking some questions the burners I’ve ordered:

2x NEC/Optiarc 7201-S SATA drives (DVD burners)
1x Samsung SH-S203N SATA drive (CD-R burner)
1x Samsung SH-S202N IDE drive (CD-R burner)

The question is what other ones to get?

I’m thinking:

1x NEC/Optiarc 7201-A IDE (DVD burner)
1x LG GH20NS15 IDE (CD-R burner)
and maybe another SH-S202N to have around for a spare.

I have my BenQ 1620 to scan with and a Pioneer 111D


If I were you, I’d consider getting a LiteOn as well, something like the A3S or iHAS120/220 (A6S) since the iHAS322/422 are still rather new. They have scanning capabilities.