Rounded cables OK?

I’m building a new system and will have SATA RAID for my hdd’s and PATA available for two Plextor drives. In an effort for better airflow, I would like to use rounded cables. What is your opinion about using rounded cables with Plextor drives? Plextor support advises against using rounded cables.

Unfortunately, it all depends. Some people have trouble, some don’t. There is no real way to get quality so the best thing to do is go short. They make cables longer than they should and many problems are related to length. Otherwise, give it a try. I have had very good cables at a very low price from

BTW, why are you getting Plextor?

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I use a combination. This is because of the layout inside my case. The ribbon (flat)[floppy/ide 1/ide 2] actually run under the motherboard. Leaving plenty of room for my SATA leads & two round ide cables. You might find this worth a look.

I was planning on 18" length rounded cables for my Plextors. Why Plextor? My first Plextor, and one I still use, is the 712A which I think is great. I chucked my DVD-ROM and got a second Plextor, the 716A, and that one was a bummer. The drive went bad during the warranty and the RMA unit died in 2-3 months. I decided to give Plextor another shot with the 760A and will see how that one holds up. Meanwhile, my 712A is still going well, and truthfully, I would have bought another 712A if it was available. The reason I use two optical drives is one for burning and the other for playing CD’s, which I thought would be beneficial to longevity.

Interesting read. If I understand what he wrote, rounded cables are all right to use if not more than 18" in length. My plan was 18" rounded shielded cables for the IDE Plextor drives until a Plextor tech guy told me rounded cables were not recommended and can cause errors.

So, is it safe to say that 18" rounded cables are not a problem?

You know, there are a couple of new 712As on ebay right now. The 760A looks really good too though. I have a 755SA myself (same drive as the 760, only 16x instead of 18x).

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Rounded cables are fine. The shorter the better. 18" no problem.(Mine are this length). Plus they’re connected to my Plextors (716/760). Plextor still supply flat in the retail package, Ive never ever opened mine.

Easier to mess with stuff in your case also! If you are like most of us you have your hands in there way too often! If you never open your case except to install a drive or burner once a year then it may not be cost effective! But it is fun! LOL

One 712A is used and the other refurbished, just not what I would be innterested in, and I already have the 760A.

Sounds like there shouldn’t be a problem using 18" rounded shielded cables for my two Plextors in the new build.

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I have been told by someone whom opinion I respect alot that rounded cables should not be used, flat ribbons give a better tranfer. But to each his own, I will only use flat ribbons 40 pin 80 conductor ribbons, they are fine and they are very cheap. I bought a dozen at an online retailer for 14.00 so I change mine whenever I change a drive.

But you have to consider that rounded IDE cables allow for much better airflow in the case than flat ones do.


AFAIK the only real issue with round IDE cables is the poor shielding in the cheap ones…

here’s a review of some round IDE cables that many have good things to say about:

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It’s a case of same old story. You get what you pay for. Most folk generalise when referring to cables. It would be fair also to that in general it may well be true in practice that ribbon is better than round. The reason for this is cost. In the UK a good ribbon ide cable is say £2. A typical round cable might well be £3. For a round cable to be at least as good & preferably better one should have to pay more than £10. Unfortunately most round cables stocked by typical dealers that cost this much are all show & no go (pretty colours/flashing lights etc). When you inspect these cables closely you’ll notice that the shielding doesn’t cover the bit between the connector & cable. Possibly one of the more important areas. Also if shielding is sufficient to do the job then flexibility,or rather the lack of it can be a problem for those with smaller pc cases. Also for most whether the gain is worth the cost is an overriding factor.

Nice review but I couldn’t find where to buy those cables, and I tried doing a search, which only brought reviews.

<table border=“1”><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“7” width=“101”>RD3XP-A52K</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“7” width=“306”>Support ATA 100/133 round cable 50+20cm</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“7” width=“97”>Black Color</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“8” width=“101”>RD3XP-A32K</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“8” width=“306”>Support ATA 100/133 round cable 30+20cm</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“8” width=“97”>Black Color</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“101”>New
RD3XP-A5K</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“306”>Support ATA 100/133 round cable 50cm Single drive use only. Maximize air flow in the case.</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“97”>Black Color</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“101”>New
RD3XP-A3K</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“306”>Support ATA 100/133 round cable 30cm Single drive use only. Suitable for compact system.</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“97”>Black Color</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“101”>New
RD3XP-A2K</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“306”>Support ATA 100/133 round cable 20cm Single drive use only. Suitable for very compact system.</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“97”>Black Color</td> </tr> <tr> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“101”>RD3XP-F5K </td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“306”>Support Floppy round cable 50cm A: Drive</td> <td bgcolor="#ffffcc" height=“10” width=“97”>Black Color</td></tr></tbody></table>

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That would be my only criticism of the review. Would have been handy to have some kind of link.

drpino thanks for a link. :clap: Unfortunately they won’t/can’t deal with me in the UK. :doh:
Should be more patient, found a UK link to try. :bigsmile:

I like them except for the fact you need to hook up a separate ground connection, and they can only be purchased from Taiwan.

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Take a look here.

I don’t see the cables only You can buy IOSS RD1 BIOS Savior! at the following: