Round ide cables 5$ compusa



I know that you can get them for that price online but shipping always kills you if you need to just get one and it’s local. Compusa has all maddog ide cables half off. Further, at two of the stores here, the cables are on a managers special and it is half off the managers special so it can be as much as 75% off. I have no idea if the managers specials are at several stores but it was at two stores here. They had blue round floppy cables for 2.50$, blue round (and other colors) ide cabels 18-36 inch for 5$ and even the el wire wrapped cables were 5$. Uv silver, uv coper etc. were similarlly priced. It might be worth giving your local store a call to check the prices. Some of the nicer cables are more than 5$ even online.


thanks for the info ripit. just a word of caution that el-cheapo round cables (i.e. poorly constructed, improperly shielded and/or out-of-spec) round cables can have a detrimental effect on the performance of your IDE/ATA devices…although the debate is ongoing…

interesting read here:

official IDE/ATA specs here:


Even though maddog rebrands just about everything they sell, they usally sell pretty good stuff. The maddog cables beter be good considering the price they normally sell for (13-20$ ea at compusa). I know what you mean about cheap cables though. I got some no name ones at frys (6$ for the set of 3 but the normal price was like 16$ or something) and they were total shit. I had nothing but problems with them. The antec and vantec ones I have gotten have performed perfect. The maddog ones look pretty much identical to the pc-toys ones that compusa sells so I wonder if they are the same oem? Does anybody know if the pc-toys cabels are any good (or for that matter if the maddog ones are any good)? I would like to find out while I can return them (though I suspect that they are at least decent).