Roughly, how mamy Mb does a subtitle track use?


I was wondering is someone knew roughly how much space a typical 2-hour subtitle track takes up?

Is is something like 5mb, 100mb, 500mb? I have no idea and was looking for a ballpark figure.

The reason being I want to see if it is worth including the english subtitle track, or giving up it’s space to the video quality.

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The answer is: not much. Compared with an audio track, say, the removal or retention of a single subtitle will hardly impact on your movie’s quality at all.

If there are lots of them and you will only ever want English (or whatever your mother tongue may be), then by all means delete them. Their cumulative size may be slightly significant.

Be very wary about deleting any English subtitles; sometimes they are required.


Thanks for that…

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Will search in future.


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