Rough printable surface



hi all

my first post as i found the forum through trying to figure out what to buy in my introduction to dvd burning and printing… i hoped you guys might be able to help me out a little…

ive already had a bunch of dvd’s burnt of my showreel (with black type printed on silver disks)… they looked pretty great but to get more its gonna cost me at least £3.50 per disk… i thought i might be able to do it myself for cheaper…

i figured out that they are Taiyo Yuden disks (and that this brand is thought of as the best) and were probably printed using a thermal printer because the type is matt and slightly raised but the rest of the disk (that wasn’t printed on) is shiny as though it were a normal balnk disk…

what i’d love is to create my own dvd’s that look and perform the same way as the ones i paid a pro company to do… (i only need to do a few at a time so there’s no need for bulk burning or printing)…

i was going to get a canon ip4000 printer and taiyo yuden silver printable dvd-r’s… but ive heard talk of the TY printable disks having a particularly rough surface and the colours looking a little washed out… can anyone tell me just how different they’ll look to printing with a thermal printer… im worried that they’ll look very amatuer and i’ll be disapointed with the washed out black type and the rough surface area…

i heard that other brands have a smother surface and less washed out look, is this true?

the only other option i can see is to get a thermal printer and suitable disks to give that pro look… but it means more expense and i wont get the other advantages of the canon printer…

sorry to be babbling, this whole thing has got way more complicated than i thought it would… anyone got any tips?


Would the Lightscribe method of burning the image onto the disc suit you better appearance-wise ??
Although, this would mean bying a new burner, presumably, but might be more of the effect that you were looking for.


TDK just released their photo inkjet printable discs, I dont know which retailers carry them, verbatim inkjet printable also has nice printing surface, you should check those out


I believe they are made by Ritek now. I have the Canon IP3000 and the Ritek come up brilliant!


You could always try an Epson R200 as it prints slightly darker than the Canon.

Also you could try fixing the printed discs with a spray as this can improve the impact of the colours on a disc.