Rouge Spear



I'm GoodMan.
Follow the right way for copying RogueSpear.
I have tested it with lots of Burning Tools.
The Best is "Disk Juggler"
Very simple and works good.
First, u must have 1v1 copy system on your

1.Install Disk Juggler on your computer.
2.Put Rogue Spear CD in your Reader.
3.Put Blank CD in your Writer.
4.Run Disk Juggler.
5.Go to File>New>"Cd Player to CD Recorder"
and press OK
6.Do not touch any options!(Trust me!)
Just Check Following options!
Meathod(move scroll-bar):Writes directly
from the reader to the recorder(s) at 4X.
7.Press start!
8.It's gonna take about only 17min.

Even if u have a CD Recorder X6,
Do not choose X6 for Recording speed!
Choose 4X.
If u choose X6, u will see "buffer under run
What r u gonna do?
Remember that!


Trying to copy rouge spear the sequal to Rainbow Six, im new at this coping stuff so be percise with instruction


Believe it or Not… in Canada Rouge Spear isn’t Protected at ALL… ie: it is a straight adaptec disc copy.

Sweet Eh!

Love ya all… eh


i did that it didnt work, i was told that it has a cd signature that burners dont pick up and i need to take a picture of the disk somehow to get the signature? hell i dont know, but its pissing me offf