Rotten burns with RITEK R02 on 1008

I had been buying RICOHJPN R01 discs branded Tevion. They were great, so I bought a whole bunch of them. Now, to my dismay, I see that Tevion has switched to RITEK R02 discs, and I can’t get a decent burn anymore.

I have firmware 159 and Nero With the Ricoh discs I had been averaging around 2.5 PI errors and and 0.2 PI failures. With Ritek, however, I average around 140 PI errors (stable) and 6 PI failures, with maximum PI failures often spiking to 60 or 80, signficantly worse. All of the discs have played so far, but Nero gives all of them a quality score of 0, not particularly comforting.

Is there a way to get better quality out of my large stock of Ritek discs? Or should I just be happy that the discs play (so far anyway) and ignore Nero’s criticism of the quality?


Sorry, that’s firmware 059, of course.


i wouldn´t care when the disks are playable so far. but you can also try 0159 firmware, i don´t think that something changes but maybe i´m wrong.

nero cd/dvd speed quality score droppes relative fast to 0 but this doesn´t matter i´ve had many disks with an quality score of 0 but with a perfect transferrate graph. how looks your transferrate graph?


I, too, don’t believe that firmware 0159 will change anything about the RITEK burn (I just found out there WAS a 0159). Anyway, I am still waiting for a DB version.

My transfer rates are generally OK, but…

After posting yesterday, I got a relatively good burn with a RITEK R02. Today, however, I tried another (same package) and got the worst burn I have ever had, with PI errors averaging nearly 1000. I can’t believe that the disc quality is so completely different within the same package, but this seems to be the case. I have since managed to burn the same material on a RITEK R02 from a different package:

General Information
Drive: DVDRW IDE1008
Firmware: 0059
Disc: DVD+R (RITEK R02)
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 80
Average: 17.25
Total: 58566
PI failures
Maximum: 62
Average: 0.70
Total: 2366
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 3395
Average scanning interval: 42.06 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

With the exception of one spike, this would have been a pretty good burn. I have to conclude it’s the inconsistent quality of those $§%)&$%§ RITEK discs. Or am I being unfair to RITEK? They seem to be everywhere; at least, both “brands” I normally buy use them now (Tevion, Octron).