Rosewill RE502 power supply



Why does all my case fans drop RPM when I’m doing something simple like internet browsing, switching internet tabs, running through files etc. I can hear the change in fan tone so I know I’m not seeing things when Speedfan shows them at a lower RPM then jump back to what they’re suppose to be. Also the PSU fan lights flicker a bit when everything else drops. People have mentioned this in reviews and said it was no bad deal so I didn’t worry about it. But I’m more concerned about the PSU dropping power to everything else. According to the Speedfan PSU readings I showed others say its normal. Also if this matters I had a Thermaltake W0070 for a short while and I didn’t notice this problem.

Rosewill 500w
3.3v - 28 amps
5.0v - 30 amps
12.0v - 34 amps

Thermaltake 430w
3.3v - 20 amps
5.0v - 30 amps
12.0v - 18 amps


Sounds like the typical behavior of a $40 500w PSU, the 12v rail is puking intermittently. If I were you, I’d pay more than $40 for a 500w powersupply, and get something better. I’ve never heard of a rosewill PSU either, maybe find a better brand. :Z


This is why I don’t like buying from Newegg or any other online store. I have to pay for return shipping, get 15% taken from the sale price, wait for it to be put back on my card then finally order the next PSU. :a

Well I took a look around at Newegg and found three I like.

What do you think? If the Tiger Direct near me has any of these in stock I might just go there and buy them.


I don’t like any of them. I’ve never heard of them, so I can’t vouch for them, that’s for sure. Here’s my powersupply , it’s very good. The 400w version is probably very good too, and it’s $67! If you wanted to save some $$$, you could do that. Fortron makes powersupplies for a lot of companies, including Zalman, sparkle, and a few others. This 500w rocks, dual 12v rails, and a whisper quiet 120mm fan. The tagan 480w PSU in the other powersupply thread up near the top of this forum looks really good too, and it’s about the same price. I dunno, it looks like one of those PSUs might be made by fortron, but I dunno for sure. Might as well get the PSU right from the manufacturer without a middle man. Anyways, good luck, hope it works out for you. :iagree:


Thanks. You want to know something? The stock PSU that came with the case doesn’t have this issue. :rolleyes: I’ll still need a 500w or more so I’ll check out what you recommended. :slight_smile:


Well, I hope whatever you get works out for you. I think you can get newegg to take that 15% restocking fee off if you tell them the powersupply is defective (which it is, the 12v rail SHOULD NOT puke like that :Z ). I’d tell them that every time the 12v rail drops like that, the machine crashes, they’ll never know if it does or doesn’t. I guarantee, that PSU will eventually cause stability problems, and maybe damage some parts. I bet if you ran prime 95 right now, your machine would fail the torture test every time the 12v rail drops like that. In fact, I bet you’d wind up with corrupted video encodes, and other nasty problems. Definetly tell newegg that PSU is garbage, and take that 15% restocking fee and shove it!!! Make sure that they know you can order from other sources, and your business will go to ZipZoomFly if they don’t make you happy. They should be happy anyways when you tell them you want that as credit for a more expensive item. They are probably more likely to kill the restocking fee if you say you want credit toward a more expensive order. No need to get nasty unless they just want to be buttheads, and won’t wave the restocking fee. As cheap as newegg is, and the selection they have are what makes me buy from them. Things like their restocking fees, and their shipping charges P!$$ me off. They also like to jack up the price on items that are selling well too. If I can avoid ordering from newegg, I get my stuff through ZipZoomFly. They have free shipping on most stuff, so unless I’ll save a few $$$ through newegg, I shop ZipZoomFly. Unfortunately, newegg has the selection on powersupplies hands down. I wish ZipZoomFly sold fortron, but you’ve allready got your $$$ tied up in newegg’s web. Good luck, definetly B!TCH until they wave the restocking fee on that POS. Also, pay more than $40 for a 500w PSU next time!!! :rolleyes: :iagree:


Thanks. You want to know something? The stock PSU that came with the case doesn’t have this issue. I’ll still need a 500w or more so I’ll check out what you recommended.

You probably won’t to tell the truth. Look at the power ratings, CPUs don’t need more than 150W at the most, G cards 80W HD’s only need a few and fans need very little. There are calculators out there if you search. Most systems are sub 300W, but by selling higher rated PSUs they can charge even more money.

If you’re not running SLI, or more than four HDs then you might well only need 300W. For a really high power system you might need 400W for comfort and to deal with a high peak load at startup, but more than 500W is taking the piss.

Spend the money on a reliable brand, the truth is that cheap powersuplies offer to source 400W and fall over and die at 200. Seasonic, Antec, Zalman, FSP are ones to look for. An excellent PSU is the Seasonic 12 range, very efficent so there isn’t much excess heat generated and damn near silent operation.