Rosewill RD-162 Gray DVD Burner $49.99

Chief Value (Newegg) has this burner for $49.99 shipped
No idea who makes this jewel, but speculation is AOpen.

I’ve looked and thought about getting that drive but? the Nec is only $7.50 more

With Newegg’s newest deal the difference is only $6.01. At least with the NEC you know what you’re getting.

@ pipemanid,
You are correct it is the Aopen 1608 drive.
Unimpressive, I would definitly get the NEC over this drive.

If you would really like the Aopen drive goto OfficeMax and by the MicroAdvantage for $39

Having owned the NEC for about 2 months now and the BenQ’s for 3 & 4 months, I don’t see any reason to save a few dollars on a drive that has a “few” problems.


I agree with all you guys about buying the NEC instead.

The NEC has a lot of followers that rate it highly. :iagree: