Rosewill RC-208 PCI IDE (ATA) Silicon Image Host Controller un-RAID Card $9.99 w/ free shipping



you can run 2 IDE/PATA DVD drives off this card & it works with 64-bit Vista
@ NewEgg w/code:EMCMMLP33
I have run a Pioneer,Lite-On,ASUS,LG,and a Benq off of this card without any major problems
:cop:download drivers B4 installation

part of NewEgg’s 100 under $100 sale


Yo dave.evill-

Great find-eh!!


Thanks but I think I’m about outa PCI slots after adding a SATA/IDE 6421a card that mostly works. I’ll have to check under the hood and see if I have any slots left as I also have a older SATA raid card that can be flashed to non raid mode and it and that card together MIGHT work better then what I have now.